Alevin Chan

Content Strategist

Alevin loves exploring new cities and blogging about them. He hopes one day to harvest the perfect sweet potato at Don Don Donki’s Japan plantation.

Kellin Chew

Content Editor

Kellin is a caffeine and WiFi dependant life form. She is always thinking about her next adventure to the Alps.

Chris Lee


Chris is a simple guy governed by three tenets in life: sleep, food, and travel. Not necessarily in that order. Ok, yes in that order.

Ruby Le

Content Strategist

Ruby likes wandering and capturing moments with her camera. She gets hyper-excited at fluffy animals.

Grace Esther Susilo

Social Media Designer

Grace lives life for food, uni, truffle and cheese. To be fit, she's been consistently going to HITT class. She's the graphic designer and social media expert of Discoverist.