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11 July, Thursday


Image by harimaolee via Instagram.

IRAN, Isfahan – This stunning architectural masterpiece calls the historic city of Isfahan home. Built during the Safavid Empire, and by one of the most renowned architects of the time, the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque has a rich and deep history since the 17th century.

Every single detail of the mosque is crafted with perfection in mind. It is said that the height below the dome is just right, for if it was any higher, the lack of natural sunlight that enters would take away the mystique and beauty of the mosque. The wide circular dome above has a colour variation that changes throughout the day, with a pale colour in the morning transitioning to pink around midday, and gray when dusk falls.

The intricate blue tilings add a nice contrast and pop of colour to the huge dome, and when natural sunlight filters in, there’s nothing else we can say but simply stunning.

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