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2 August, Friday


Image by onderkoca via Instagram.

CZECH REPUBLIC, Prague – There’s nothing about the Dancing House in Prague that was built to blend in. Not only is the building nestled in a neighbourhood with buildings with a distinctly classical Art Nouveau style, Prague’s Dancing House modern design and architecture is confounds the mind and eschews the traditional practice of its time.

Perhaps the most important and famous post-1989 architecture, the Dancing House’s design was inspired by the famous dancing duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of the early-mid 20th century. Despite it being the brainchild of world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, its radical concept and design, there were no shortage of detractors who scoffed at the design and called it “The Drunk House”

Only if you can incite such radical opinions can you have the chance to be impactful and memorable, something that the Dancing House can lay claim to today, becoming an iconic facade by the Vltava River.


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