20 May, Monday


Image by saidkarlsson via Instagram.

20 May, Monday

JAPAN, Niigata – A haven of unspoiled wilds, clear blue waters and ages-old authentic Japanese traditions, Sado-shi is the ideal destination for travellers seeking to enjoy the pastoral side of Japan.

Despite its island status, Sado is known for cascading paddy fields that turn from brilliant green to bright gold with the seasons. Besides contributing to the nation’s rice output, some of the harvest is transformed to liquid gold at Hokusetsu Brewery and the like, earning the city a reputation for fine sake.

The best way to enjoy Sado’s fine nihonshu? Bring a bottle down to the rocky shore, where crystal clear water lap underfoot and traditional washtub boats bob gently in the distance. Just don’t get too drunk if you’re planning to catch a ride.


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