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3 July, Wednesday


Image by johnedwardjames via Instagram.

3 July, Wednesday

ENGLAND, Howden Reservoir – The Howden Reservoir, part of a collection of 3 reservoirs within the Upper Derwent Valley, meanders through a stunning moorland landscape with waters that are as tranquil as they can be.

The towers of the Dam that form the Reservoir system looks akin to an archer’s tower out of Game of Thrones protecting the Upper Derwent Valley. And we suppose this is fitting seeing as the valley is remembered for being a historic site during the Second World War.

The geographic makeup of the Upper Derwent Valley was found to be similar to that of the Ruhr and Edersee Valleys of Germany, prompting British forces to use the Derwent Valley as practice grounds in preparation of conducting bombing raids called Operation Chastise. The operation was ultimately a success, with no small measure going to test-runs in the valley.

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