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30 July, Tuesday


Image by harimaolee via Instagram.

TURKEY, Istanbul – The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is one of the most historic and oldest covered markets in the world. Operating since the 15th century, the market today is perhaps the foremost tourist destination, with three to four thousand stalls selling wares ranging from tea to rugs, and ceramic plates.

Walk through the many lanes and you’ll chance upon numerous stalls which showcase beautiful brightly-lit coloured lamps adorned with intricate designs that will draw anyone into the shop. Enchanting aesthetics aside, these mosaic lamps have a storied history in Turkish culture, with techniques said to have been passed down since the 11th century.

The process of glass making and molding have no doubt advanced with the improvements with technology. What hasn’t changed however, is the attention to detail and intricacy given to crafting each lamp, resulting in a dazzling array of beautiful lights.


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