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10 Best Things to See and Do in Vancouver

I remember standing in the pouring rain, shivering while waiting in line at Ramen DANBO, a Japanese Ramen restaurant that served Fukuoka-style Tonkotsu ramen in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver.  Granted it seems weird to be having Japanese fare in a...

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Where to Enjoy an Awesome Autumn in Korea

Autumn seems to be the best season — summer has just passed and temperatures are cooling down, winter is surely coming but not quite here yet, leaving us with weather that is neither too hot nor too cold, settling right at that sweet spot. Along with the...

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Weekender’s Guide: Telok Ayer, Singapore

Telok Ayer is a unique enclave in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD), with a rich history spanning back to the days of Sir Stamford Raffles.  Back in the day, Telok Ayer was actually one of the primary streets designated by Raffles for the Chinese community....

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5 Farms in Singapore You Never Knew Existed

Scan through any media report and you’ll be sure to find the standard/typical/mainstream narrative when it comes to describing Singapore - a sweltering hot, modern (bordering  on futuristic) city with skyscrapers that span across the entire island - it fits the...

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8 Ways to Have a Creative Retreat in Bali

You know the crowded beaches of Kuta and the bustling restaurants of Seminyk, but Bali is supposed to be all “Eat. Pray. Love.” right? Well, it is - if you know where to look. The idyllic paradise of Bali has become one of the world’s fastest tourist-transformed...

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