5 Best Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong Under $200

by | Jun 11, 2019

Hong Kong is famous for being one of Asia’s densest cities. Built within a landscape of dramatic mountains and hills, the economic workhorse has had to eke out every living space from between the elevations. In fact, this might even have contributed to their success if you believe in Feng Shui. 

So it comes as no surprise that with land being at a premium, accommodation in Hong Kong is also notoriously small. Compared to some of the world’s top cities, you’ll find that rates are relatively expensive, and give you less value for your buck, with often smaller rooms as well. 

Aware of this, developers and owners have begun to use space more cleverly and create themes to make their space more inviting.

Here are some of the city’s best boutique hotels, all for under S$200 a night.

Ovolo Southside

Honouring the boutique essence, the family-run Ovolo brand has rooms that look significantly different depending on where you stay. In this case, the Southside branch comes in the form of Hong Kong’s first warehouse-converted hotel. Industrial-chic is achieved with cement screed walls, exposed ducts and architectural beams, wonderfully coloured to celebrate their form and textures.

Supporting the lifestyle of the gig economy crowd, there are co-working spaces for you to keep connected, and the sweeping views all round and even in your rooms will relief you at the end of the day. Bonus points goes to the ultra-hip rooftop bar where instagram moments are aplenty.

The location may not be the most convenient, but it is still located right next to the Wong Chuk Hang MTR station on Hong Kong Island. But for those who cherish their views and proximity to southern attractions like Ocean Park and Lamma Island, Ovolo Southside is tops in our books.

Mojo Nomad Central

Woohoo, lucky us! Managed by the same owners as Ovolo, Mojo Nomad’s concept is one of the micro-hotels catered to today’s urban road warrior. Which really means— cheaper, smaller, but with the same punchy character and designer flair.

Even as you browse through their website, you’ll get plenty of cheek and personality that represents the candid nature of the digital nomad or gutsy solo traveller, and passing by the front of the hotel, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s some trendy restaurant because it is!

Te Quiero Mucho is their in-house Mexican eatery, and the vibrant decor only continues into the hotel. Focused on creating a co-living environment, the set-up is indeed comprehensive, with laundry, gym, co-working and lounge facilities available 24/7.

We love the private rooms designed with a quieter palette but livened up with textural prints, and being located in exciting Sheung Wan means plenty of hip finds around the neighbourhood whenever you wish to walk and explore.

King’s Hotel

Great location and value hardly come together in Hong Kong. Even rarer is, when a place is well-designed and comfortable as well. King’s Place is one such unique hotel.

Located near Yau Ma Tei MTR, it’s a short 5-minute walk to the main bustling streets where plenty of food and shopping await. Hong Kong’s famous street markets, like the one at Temple Street, are at your doorstep, but whenever it gets too much, King’s Hotel is ready to welcome you back.

It’s gold, gold and more gold, and even though that sounds incredibly ostentatious, King’s Hotel makes it more old-world glam than camp. Some rooms have wall panellings, while others have wall art picturing vintage beauty ads that scream instagram. The tiled floors are also superb for flatlays and that chic feet-fie. And while many hotels at this price range feature dingy bare-bone bathrooms, the ones here are sparkling and stylish.

Hotel Stage

If you’re the culture vulture, then Hotel Stage is… erm, your stage! This contemporary hotel places the spotlight squarely on the area’s character, and even invites in local artists through the hotel’s in-house art initiative. There’s even a gallery space reserved for local works should you fancy a curated perspective.

But even if you can’t appreciate art, you can certainly value the minimalist rooms. Like something out of a Muji showroom, grey tones are paired with airy white sheets, warm wooden furniture and plenty of natural sunlight. You guessed it— the perfect palette for that elegant dreamy instagram shot.

This breezy set-up is hard to leave behind, but when you do, you’ll find Tin Hau Temple, Jade Market, and the diverse neighbourhood community of Jordan waiting for you.

Hotel Madara

For those who love their Trick Eye Museum visits, then this place will certainly scratch that itch. Hotel Madara actually created an art gallery filled with murals and props to plunge you straight into vintage Hong Kong era. Pull a rickshaw, be a glammed up singer, or trade kicks with a superstar— all is possible at the space.

When your camera feed is full (heaven forbid), it’s time to fill your tummy as well. You’ll find their casual cafe decked out in colourful colonial decor, while the rooftop bar is a chic spot for some tipple and views. Don’t forget to visit the lounge and games room which carries on the daring palette the hotel is famous for. This vibrant venue will certainly brighten up your next visit to Hong Kong.

Finding the right place to stay can be a chore, but we hope that this narrows it down for you. To find these hotels and other exciting options in Hong Kong, check out changihotels.com.

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