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4 Easy Tips for Great Travel Photos


Travelling is so alluring because it lets us create great memories that are ours to cherish for life. Taking photos is one of the best and most popular ways to retain and share our travel moments, especially with the convenience and seeming permanence offered by Instagram.

Sure, anyone with a mobile phone can easily take a photo, but as we’ve all found out, just pointing-and-shooting doesn’t really give the best result. Great photos can help you have deeper and richer recall of your holiday, adding to the pleasure of your trip. In contrast, poorly taken photos can cause us to rue missing an opportunity to convey the majesty of our experience.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a trained professional to take great photos. Here are 4 easy tips that can help you bring your travel photos to the next level.

Tell a Story

Photo by mybestmood via Instagram. 

Photos are inherently attractive to humans because we are curious to find out the stories in them. But what you capture (or fail to) in your shot will affect the story your photo tells. Therefore, an easy tip to capture great photos is to make sure your shot tells a story. And the one prime ingredient all great stories need is: details.

Imagine this. It’s a cold, rainy afternoon in London. You’re in a cosy cafe, enjoying a delicious and piping hot cup of coffee. You might be tempted to document the moment with a shot of your beverage – an obvious, if common choice that might result in a tasty-looking food pic. (Or not, depending on how far along you are with your snack.)

However, if you arrange your shot to include the rain-dotted window as a backdrop, your photo would convey much more. Given the cold and dreary weather outside, the warmth of the tea must be especially welcome, the sweetness of the scone even more comforting. These prompts give the people who view your photo a deeper understanding of your experience.

Another way to convey a story is by choosing what to show in your shot. Sure, you could post a head-on shot of an interesting looking cafe, but showing the viewer the al fresco area where you imagine good conversations and great food may be enjoyed sparks greater interest.

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