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Hong Kong Travel Advisory & Safety Checklist


Demonstrators in Hong Kong have announced a new wave of protests, this time targeting Hong Kong International Airport and Yuen Long district. The prolonged turmoil besieging the popular holiday destination has prompted growing worldwide concern. 

Singapore is among the latest to join a growing list of legislations to issue travel advisories regarding Hong Kong. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), travel to Hong Kong should be avoided at this time. 

“Although mostly peaceful and orderly, cases of localised clashes following these protests were reported. Protests which are meant to be peaceful may still have the potential to turn violent with little or no notice,” the Ministry noted. 

If you absolutely have to make a trip there, or are currently in Hong Kong, please heed the following safety tips. 

1. eRegister With the MFA

Singaporeans should register online with the MFA at This is a free service that allows you to indicate your itinerary and contact details in Hong Kong, which will enable the Ministry to contact you when necessary.

In case you require assistance, take note of the following contact details:

Singapore Consulate-General in Hong Kong

  • Tel: +852-2527-2212 or +852-9466-1251 (after office hours)
  • Fax: +852-2861-3595
  • Email:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office (24 hours)

Tanglin, Singapore 248163

2. Monitor Ongoing Developments

You should continually monitor Hong Kong local news for the latest updates. The Hong Kong Police Force keeps a detailed running tally of current developments, so it’s a good idea to follow their social media accounts:

Remember to ‘star’ or ‘favourite’ these accounts so their updates appear first on your feed.

3. Avoid Crowds, Protest Areas

As far as possible, avoid joining large crowds of people, lest you be mistaken for being a demonstrator. You should also stay away from announced protest locations and march routes.

4. Stay Vigilant About Personal Safety

Now more than ever, personal safety should be your number one concern. Be extra careful when out and about, do not engage with demonstrators or their detractors, and make sure to keep your accommodations secured.

Be tactful when expressing your opinions, as a stray comment may ignite an unwanted confrontation.

5. Do Not Wear Black

Because black is the chosen colour for the demonstrators, it is important to avoid wearing the colour during your stay in Hong Kong. Not dressing in black may help reduce the chances of being accosted, attacked or even arrested by the police.

6. Always Have Identification With You

Always keep your passport with you when in Hong Kong. Having proper identification will help the authorities clear you during spot checks.

If you have been mistakenly arrested, producing your passport can allow the police to quickly process your release.

Your passport will also help consulate authorities to quickly identify you and render needed assistance.

7. Band Together, and Keep in Touch

There is safety in numbers so seek out your fellow travellers and offer to look out for each other.

Don’t forget to stay in touch with your family, friends and colleagues to keep them updated of your whereabouts and situation. stands with the people of Hong Kong during this difficult time.

May peace and cooler tempers prevail upon the Pearl of the Orient, and a democratic, lasting resolution be soon achieved.

All images used in this post courtesy of Unsplash.



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