London Restaurant Duck & Waffle Goes to Hong Kong This Autumn

by | Jul 1, 2019

Now for those in Asia, you don’t have to endure the logistics of flying 14 hours to London to dine in this upmarket 24/7 restaurant. London restaurant Duck & Waffle has recently announced its first international outpost to be in Hong Kong which is set to open this year. Details of the restaurant in Hong Kong hasn’t been fully revealed – whether will it be open for 24 hours or if the view will rival the London’s. But we agree that this is a much-anticipated addition to the Hong Kong food scene.

What’s all the hype about? The critically acclaimed London restaurant is famed for serving British-European dishes, and as its name suggests, its cult signature dish is Duck & Waffles – a crispy duck leg confit on Belgium waffles topped with a fried duck egg and grainy mustard maple syrup. When in London, this is a must-try and you must book your table at least 1 month in advance. The reason being, we are enamored with sky high dining. Located on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, you’ll be treated to an impressive view of London skyline while you dine.  

Apart from the unparalleled view of the city, the restaurant is also known for its eclectic menu that will appeal to the adventurous diner, such as a foie gras breakfast, beef cheek doughnuts, and BBQ spiced crispy pig ears.  And if you’re a sweet tooth then Elvis PB&J waffles with banana brûlée will do the trick.

Where in London: 110 Bishopsgate (Heron Tower)


Opening hours: 24 hours


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