A Hotel that Sparks Joy – Muji Hotel Tokyo

by | Jul 10, 2019

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

This is evident in Muji Hotel, which was recently launched in Ginza, Tokyo. A dream come true for fans of Muji and the creatives who are obsessed with white space and simple aesthetic, you know that phrase, “less is more”. In an era of mass production and consumption, Muji has successfully stood the test of time.

In case you didn’t know, Muji was established in 1979 selling a wide range of products, including household goods, apparel and food, and the label has always been marketed as “brandless” as their products bear no logo. In fact, “Muji” is simply short for “Mujirushi Ryōhin” or “brandless quality goods.”

According to Muji’s art director, Kenya Hara, Muji is not just about minimalism and simplicity, he sees Muji as a living existence, and emphasize that Muji is not a trend per se, it is about using design to improve our quality of life.

To date, there are more than 900 Muji outlets worldwide.

As a leading brand in Japanese contemporary design, Muji has expanded its offering beyond its no-frills retail shop to celebrate the Muji experience in three dimensions by means of a hotel.

Muji Hotel Tokyo

Located just a stone throw away from Tokyo station, Muji Hotel Tokyo is not only home to the hotel but also the brand’s debut flagship store, and it houses an elegant Muji Diner.

The 11-storey building in Ginza is designed and run by Tokyo-based urban-planning agency UDS together with Muji’s design team.  The result is a contemporary 79-room hotel that fully expresses the Muji’s brand. According to UDS, the hotel is “anti-cheap” and “anti-gorgeous”. Look carefully, you’ll see that the primary materials of the interiors are made of stone and oak.


Guests can choose from a 14sqm basic room to a 52sqm deluxe with a custom-made hiba cypress bath. 

There is something zen-like about Muji’s minimalist homeware and furnishing, and now that everything is assembled together under one building for the ultimate Muji experience, this hotel makes for a perfect city retreat in hypermodern Tokyo. Yes, we think it is definitely worth staying in and reasonably so if you’ve been looking for the idea of slow living.


The first impression of the rooms in Muji Hotel Tokyo: Minimal décor, yet warm and inviting. True enough, the art of Japanese homemaking is less about artistic decoration, but more about refining the way we interact with the furniture to the way we use our daily amenities.

It is interesting to find that Muji Hotel Tokyo is located in glitzy Ginza dotted with luxury malls and swanky bars, and the hotel proves to be a stand-out arrival. For those not in the mood for shopping or partying, there is a Muji library and a gallery in the establishment for you to linger, or simply get some shots for the ‘gram.

If Marie Kondo were to visit this hotel, she would declare that this hotel sparks joy. Well, if you have stayed in a Japanese Ryokan or a capsule hotel before, we think you should try Muji Hotel Tokyo on your next trip.

Where: Ginza 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Reservations: https://hotel.muji.com/ginza

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