Overnight Bus Hotel from Tokyo to Osaka

by | Jul 2, 2019

Unlike Europe, Japan has limited options for overnight trains from Tokyo. Japan’s Shinkansen high-speed railway network which speeds up to 200 mph only operates in the day and is closed from midnight till 6am. However, there is another travel alternative that can get you from Tokyo to Osaka overnight. Do you mean like those coach buses from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur? Oh – no, it’s completely on another level! 

Meet The Dream Sleeper – Overnight Bus Hotel 

The superior overnight bus service offered by Kanto Bus Co. Ltd – The Dream Sleeper is a game-changer for travellers who wish to get the most out of their trip and yet do not want to compromise on comfort and quality.

You’ll have more time to explore Tokyo till around 10pm and do not have to worry about the logistics of catching the first or last Shinkansen to Osaka. The idea is similar to an overnight train experience offered in Europe, in a sense where passengers are actually sleeping on a “bus hotel”.

The Dream Sleeper comes with 11 single guest rooms. Each room is equipped with a high-tech “zero gravity seat” ergonomically designed according to NASA’s standards. To put it simply, it has been designed to achieve a comfortable weightless posture to alleviate passenger’s fatigue from sitting for long periods of time. Amenities such as sleeping mask, ear plugs, toothbrush set are provided as well. Not forgetting to mention, it has the cleanest toilet you’ll ever find on a bus. The experience feels like checking into a minibus hotel as you’ll have to remove your shoes when you board The Dream Sleeper and change into a pair of slippers. 

How long is the bus journey?

The Dream Sleeper departs from Ikebukuro, Tokyo daily at 10.50pm. The overnight journey from Tokyo to Osaka is about 7.5hours, and it usually reaches Osaka by 6:30am. This potentially makes it the better choice for maximising your time during your trip. 

Well, of course, taking the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka is faster (2 hours journey) but it may cost you one extra night of lodging in Tokyo if you wish to take the earliest Shinkansen at 6AM out to Osaka.

What about the cost? Even though the price is comparable to a domestic flight ticket, and slightly more expensive than taking the Shinkansen, but it is a worthwhile experience. The Dream Sleeper provides every guest their own private sleeping cabin, amenities, free WiFi, and a hotel-like atmosphere, you’ll find yourself waking up in the heart of Osaka refreshed and ready to hit the streets! 

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