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12 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Berlin

If you asked me which city to go for a grad trip, I’d say go to Berlin! Even better take up an internship there as Berlin is one of the most affordable cities in Europe. Oh, and did we mention that most of the people in this city speak English? It’s rare to hear...

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Saskatchewan, the Unpronounceable State of Canada

Let alone being able to pronounce, hardly anyone knows the existence of small city Saskatoon (Sas-kuh-toon) in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan (Suhs-kat-che-wan) this side of the world. Known for being cold and remote, it’s hardly (or rather never) associated...

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Bhutan, The World’s Happiest Nation

Bhutan, a tiny, population-sparse, and landlocked country in South Asia, is bordered by China, India, and Tibet. Spanning an area of 38,000 km² (54 times larger than Singapore), it has a population of only 700,000 (8 times smaller than Singapore). Even though it is...

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Tokyo’s Best Kept Secret: Omokagebashi Bridge

Spring in Tokyo is an ethereal sight. The weather is becoming warmer, trees have shed their winter covers, and those branches that stretch into the sky are shrouded in pink petals. Cherry Blossom, or Sakura, is Japan’s symbol and national flower. These cherry blossoms...

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In Pursuit of the Northern Lights

The crackling campfire provided some much needed warmth as I sat listening to a Brazilian in his late 20s telling me how he brought his mother and little brother miles away from home for a holiday to Banff. He added he had switched majors and was still trying to...

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At Songkran, Every Splash a Blessing

There’s something irresistibly impish about soaking a complete stranger with water. One moment you’re individuals from different worlds. The next, you’re two people sharing a moment in time that started with a cold, wet shock. Getting soaked by surprise elicits the...

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