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Bubble Tea Theme Park to Open in Tokyo


Bubble tea is more than just a drink, it is a way of life for many. Originally a staple of the night markets of Taiwan, today, the sweet milk tea with chewy black tapioca toppings (a.k.a pearls or boba) has become a global phenomenon. Apart from sports, food is the common denominator that brings people together (or queue together).

Refreshing Summer in Tokyo Tapioca Land

The bubble tea craze has swept over Japan in the past couple of months, which led to the inception of Tokyo Tapioca Land! Think bubble tea kiosks, larger-than-life whimsical art installations like a bathtub of boba, and even thematic rides!

With daily temperature over 30°C and rainforest level of humidity, summer in Tokyo can be pretty intense. Fans of this addictive tea-based beverage are in for a refreshing treat! Tokyo Tapioca Land will open from 13 August 2019 in Harajuku, which is Tokyo’s leading fashion and culture district. This is definitely a highly instagrammable place to hang out and we secretly wish that this theme park will be available in Singapore too!

When: 13 August to 16 September 2019

Where: JR Harajuku Station, 6-35-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Ticket: Same day tickets are ¥1,200 (one drink included). You can also buy advance tickets for ¥1,000 from the site here.


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